The natural habitat of the red mullet

Red Mullet is a common fish caught both in UK waters as well as in the Mediterranean sea. The fish is not a close relation to grey mullet which is also fished in UK waters. Red mullets is often caught as a bye catch and are not usually targeted  by fishermen. The flesh of the fish is fairly firm and lends itself to stews, soups and curries because it wont break up easily like flaky fish such as Hake.

red mulletAs with buying most fresh fish, the fresher the fish the better, so it is always best to order your Red Mullet from AO Seafood. This is because the fish is bought direct from the markets where the fishing boats have landed their catch usually that morning and all fish is bought, processed and sent out for delivery either that day or the next. Unlike supermarket bought fish Fresh Fish bought online from wholesalers will be less than a few days old at most and there really isn’t a better way to guarantee getting a better quality of seafood.

If bought whole, the Red Mullet should have bright eyes and bright red gills. The flesh is a pinkish colour and when fresh will not have much of a smell. This is when you know you have a very fresh mullet. It is known for its high levels of omega-3 fatty acid, plus other beneficial trace elements such as iodine, iron & phosphorous.

As well as going well in stews, curries etc, the fillets lend themselves well to being pan fried and with them being such a flavoursome fish can be pan fried in a little garlic butter and lemon and it will hold its own against any other fish. The Red Mullet fish is not to be confused with the red mullet hear style often worn by some ill fashioned people in both the 70’s and 80’s . To buy Red Mullet online from AO Seafood click here

Red Mullet Recipe