The Importance of Fish Sustainability

Fish sustainability is one of those topics that might not be brought up often as being sexy or attention grabbing, but it is an extremely important topic, especially to areas with delicate ecosystems or that depend on fish as part of their local economy.

Simply put, the idea of fish sustainability is to look at a native local fish population and make sure the proper balance is met between using fish for economic benefits that help the local town or area, and not harvesting so many as to destroy the environment. This would be devastating for the economy, as well, seeing as how once a species is gone, then it can provide no benefit of any kind to residents in that area.

Fish sustainability doesn’t just apply to the natural world, although that’s how it’s often looked at. This is of great interest to us at A O Seafood and we are always interested in other potential ways that sustainability can be achieved & this is one of the reasons that fish farms have become popular for many fish who can survive in that type of an environment. seafood deliveryFor commercially popular fish species, such as Sea bass, Salmon, Gilt Head Sea Bream, Rainbow Trout, this can be a way to meet the high demand of a market that wants a lot more than the natural environment can give them.

As you can see, that type of balancing act can help at least minimize the pressures on a natural fish population, and help prevent demand from getting too out of hand. While it’s not a perfect solution, and there are some species that seem to do much better from the wild than being farmed, it does offer at least a starting point to tackle the problem.

One of the largest reasons a combination of careful environmental regulations and farming is critical is because with a large amount of seafood the demand is much higher than the natural supply. This doesn’t even take into account the fact that with changes in modern technology, humans have the ability to mass harvest seafood on a level that was never possible in the past. In fact, seafood and fish can be mass harvested to the point of extinction, and much faster than many people realize.

Because of these facts, the topic of fish sustainability is as important as ever. Removing entire fish populations from an ecosystem is never a good move as that’s going to affect everything in that area. In addition to this, any area that is dependent on a fish population economically is going to collapse.

This is why farming can only be one part of the solution, and having careful environmental controls must work hand in hand with natural regulations to provide a truly long term sustainable plan. At A O Seafood we only sell fish caught in a sustainable way and also from fish farms. Our fresh salmon is farmed in Scotland and is of the highest quality for texture, flavour & taste. If you have yet to try some, why not visit our product page and give it a go

In Conclusion
There’s a lot to learn about sustainability plans for fish and each specific species or region might have its own unique needs or take on the practice. Before jumping in, it’s always a good idea to look at the specific area, species, and situation being talked about before diving right into any potential solutions.

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