Seafood Specials for 26-02-16 to 7-03-16

This Weeks Fresh Fish & Seafood Specials are the following delicious fresh products

musselsFirstly we have our juicy fresh mussels harvested live from the seabed off the coast of England & Wales.

Fresh Live Welsh Mussels, total weight 1Kg before prep – £4.50/Kg works out at £2.25 per portion

One kilo is approx. 2 portions (a portion is roughly 500g before preparation). Fresh Mussels fished from off the UK’s shores come to you next day. As with live shellfish, they do have a limited shelf life so we recommend that you consume within a few days of delivery.


fresh cooked lobsterSecond we are offering a great deal on our Freshly Cooked Lobsters


Perfectly cooked Fresh Lobster weighing 700-800 grams before being cooked, then chilled for delivery. Serves 1 large portion or 2 starter size portions. This product can be frozen upon delivery or be kept in your refrigerator and consumed within 3 days.




Buy Monkfish Tail sold as a 200g skinless & boneless fillet

Monkfish Tail

Monkfish Tail whole with Skin Removed

Fresh Monkfish is fished & caught wild in Cornish waters. With a face only its mother could love, the fish has a massive head compared to the body, but don’t let this put you off as the large tail usually yields between 350g to 4kg of quality, firm white & steaky meat.

When it has been skinned and trimmed the flavour of monkfish tail is compared to that of langoustine/scampi, great for pan frying or roasting.



Buy Hake

Hake Loin

Hake Loin

Sold as 200g Boneless Portion with its Skin On

Fresh Hake is a fish which is very popular on the continent. The Hake Fish is caught off the coasts of both Scotland and Cornwall. It ranges in size from around 1kg to 5kg & has a silver/light grey appearance and is suitable for cutting into either fillets or cut across the bone as steaks.