Record North Sea Cod caught by a Brit, buy fresh British Cod

 Massive North Sea cod are invading Europe!

cod fillets

If any of you have noticed the little fluff pieces in the news over the past few years, you will have noticed that since North Sea cod was banned from being fished their size has shot up, in 2013 a German angler broke a 44 year world record for the size of his cod and now a Brit has broken the UK record for wild cod caught on a line. Our Cod might not be the giant Norwegian variety, however they are from Cornwall at the moment(we also source from Scotland and the North Sea depending on the time of year) with prices starting from £7.95, and a special offer to celebrate, 10% off fresh cod loin all this week!


This record breaking cod weighed a whopping 93lbs and the 71 year old angler Bert Williams from north-east England, who caught it could not believe his luck! He said: “I’ve never felt anything like it before.


“As soon as it caught my bait it pulled 20 metres of line from my reel, the only time that’s happened before is when I got snagged on a boat propeller.

“When I’d recovered I saw there was so much air coming up out of the water I thought it was some kind of whale, it was just so big.

“When it finally surfaced the guide shouted ‘Jesus there’s no way that’s a cod!’ and it took two men to get it in the boat.”

Personally, I think that the reason there has been a spate of huge cod caught off Norway recently is due to the ban on catching capelin, which is the North Sea cod’s preferred meal, this has led to cod gorging themselves and growing to behemoth sizes.

Here at AO Seafoods we pride ourselves on our record of only dealing with sustainable and healthy fish, we may not be shipping giant cod to your door but we do support the efforts of the UK fishermen who stick to ecologically friendly fishing techniques and hope that soon the cod in our own waters will be just as huge! Why not take a look at the offers we have on cod currently and help us support a healthier future full of well fed fish!


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