Fresh Fish

Here at AO Seafood we are absolutely dedicated to bringing you the finest Fresh Fish & Seafood delivery service we can! When it comes to your order, we always strive to bring you the freshest and best quality seafood. We will prepare your fish exactly the same way we prepare the seafood that we deliver to the 5-star restaurants we deliver to on a daily basis. Your order will be perfectly packed in a chilled insulated box with Frozen ice packs within. This ensures your order arrives in perfect condition ready for you to use, refrigerate or freeze for use at a later date. Click on the items below for more info on that product.

  • buy brill fish

    Buy Brill

  • buy fresh cod fillets online

    Buy Cod Fillets

  • buy Coley Fillets online

    Buy Coley

  • buy dover sole online

    Buy Dover Sole

  • buy fish pie mix online

    Buy Fish Pie Mix

  • buy gilt head sea bream online

    Buy Gilt Head Sea Bream

  • buy grey mullet

    Buy Grey Mullet

  • buy hake fillet online

    Buy Hake

  • buy halibut steak online

    Buy Halibut

  • buy herring fillets online

    Buy Herring

  • buy john dory fillets online

    Buy John Dory

  • buy Lemon-Sole fillets online

    Buy Lemon Sole

  • buy Mackerel fillets online

    Buy Mackerel

  • buy monkfish tail online

    Buy Monkfish Tail

  • buy place fillets online

    Buy Plaice Fillets

  • buy fresh pollock fillets online

    Buy Pollock Fillets

  • buy rainbow trout online

    Buy Rainbow Trout

  • buy red mullets fillets online

    Buy Red Mullet

  • buy salmon fillets

    Buy Salmon Fillets

  • buy sardines online

    Buy Sardines

  • buy seabass filltes online

    Buy Sea Bass

  • Buy Sea-Trout fillets online

    Buy Sea Trout

  • swordfish steak

    Buy Swordfish Steak

  • buy Tuna Steak online

    Buy Tuna Steak

  • buy turbot

    Buy Turbot

  • buy haddock fillet

    Haddock Fillets

  • buy wild sea bass

    Wild Sea Bass


Online Fishmonger

We have a wide selection of fresh fish which has just been landed that we are making available for you to purchase. Most of the fish is landed in UK ports for it to be selected by ourselves and shipped to our prepping unit ready for dispatch. We receive the just landed catch most days of the week, ensuring you will be receiving the freshest high-quality fresh fish available anywhere in the UK.

Fresh Fish Delivery

To Buy Fresh Fish online from us, simply select the type of fish you would like, and then once on that particular product page, select how much fish you want, plus, select how you would like us to prepare it for you. Once you have added it your shopping cart, you may continue shopping for more tasty seafood or go to the checkout to pay. Please be ensured that when you buy Fish online from your Online Fishmonger A.O Seafood, you will be receiving the freshest, top quality fresh fish delivered to your home.
Remember, order over £60 of seafood and you will receive FREE DELIVERY

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