Seafood Hampers are they good value for money?

Buying in bulk is always cheaper and more convenient in the long run. Don’t you hate it when you buy the ingredients for your favourite meal, only to realise that if you want to enjoy it again soon, then you will need to go out and do your dreaded weekly shop all over again for the required items? No wonder many of us just then resort to ready meals or food that is unhealthy several times a week while we put this off until we absolutely have to go and suffer through it. If only there was an easier and more direct way to source and plan our meals.

Buying Fresh Fish Online

For many of us in the know, the solution is already here. People in the UK are very attached to the traditional supermarket run every week despite hating every second of it, where the rise of online shopping has changed this somewhat, it’s still a time when we feel we need to get everything we need from one place at the same time, when in reality this is far from the easiest or most cost-effective way to shop.

Fish Hampers

Seafood hampers of various sizes are fast becoming all the rage for the health-conscious person looking for a tasty and cheaper alternative to their weekly shop. Ordering these online directly to their doors (sometimes the next day) is an incredibly convenient method to getting a week’s worth (or more) of good wholesome, healthy food into their home with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. Where shopping online is hardly a new phenomenon, ordering a hamper of fish directly from suppliers is not something we generally think to do. Fish is often an item we need to go out for just because of the nature of how it’s stored and the longevity of its freshness. Planning meals based on a fish hamper is incredibly easy, especially when you get to pick which day certain fish will get eaten in what recipes you’ll be using. You can eat the fresh fish the day you get it, refrigerate several more potential meals and freeze the ones you’re planning on eating last.

Restaurant Quality Seafood

AO Seafood has an extensive range of fish hampers to suit every taste or diet plan. Their hampers can be ordered online and will arrive the very next day. AO themselves have been a supplier of fish for over 25 years and have a history of providing the freshest fish in bulk to all sorts of hotels and restaurants all over the country. Their online store now means that they can also supply their products to our homes as and when we need it. Many of their customers order their favourite hampers on a weekly basis (often alternating between a few), making sure they always have what they need in for one of the many seafood recipes they enjoy. Ordering a hamper means their customers can save money and time by cutting down on supermarket prices and the time it takes to venture out and complete their weekly shopping ordeal.

Adjust Your Order

As a supplier themselves, AO Seafood is not limited to the stock restrictions most shops are, always have the items they stock ready to go when a customer needs it. Requested seafood hampers can be prepared and tweaked to match customer’s tastes. If a certain fish or seafood isn’t your favourite then why not swap it for the one you prefer for the same price? All AO’s hampers also come vac packed and shipped in an insulated box that is kept chilled using by ice packs, so the seafood remains fresh and in the same condition from when the hamper was assembled.

The Range

AO’s range contains all sorts of seafood not just fish, lobster clams and other assorted seafood can be bought on its own or as part of a hamper. The food can also be sent to your door fresh or frozen depending on when you are planning to use it. The hamper range in price and content depending on how many people they are designed to serve and what items they contain. A family of 5 fish box, for example, is £150, and for this, you get a lot of food. This particular box contains:


1) 5 x 200g Scottish Boneless Salmon fillets

2) 5 x 200g Scottish Boneless Cod Loins

3) 5 x 150-180g Mediterranean Seabass Fillets

4) 5 x 200g Sashimi Tuna Steaks

5) 1Kg luxury Boneless Pie Mix (Includes Salmon, Haddock, Cod, Coley, Hake)

6) 1 x 2Kg XL Luxury Royal Greenland Prawns (This Item arrives Frozen. Just defrost and eat what you need and put the rest back in the freezer)

7) 1Kg Bag Of Raw Peeled & Deveined King Prawn Tails


If bought separately this cost would be over £170 making a saving of £20 when bought from AO seafood. If this amount of fish were bought over the counter in a supermarket, then the price would be far higher.

Fish Boxes for a Larger Family

The family of 5 fish box is one of the larger hampers there are smaller; there is a more specialist hamper on offer also like the Bodybuilding Fish Box that offers a weeks selection of suitable fish portions. As the title suggests, this hamper is designed for those fitness conscious individuals who are aiming to bulk up. The hamper priced at £39.99 contains a selection of lean, low fat, boneless fish, which is high in protein and perfect for a weeks diet plan. The hamper contains:


1) 2 x 250g Portions of Salmon Fillets

2) 4 x 80g-100g Sea Bass Fillets (2 fillets per serving)

3) 1 x 250g Tuna Steak

4) 2 x 250g Cod Fillets


While the above two hampers are just examples of what is on offer, the range itself is far more extensive and will cater for all sorts of diet plans and budgets. The next day delivery and savings, when compared to supermarket prices, is just the icing on the cake. Did we forget to mention that the food is delicious and good for you?