Fish Box & Seafood Hampers

Fish Box

We have a great selection of seafood hampers to choose from. Each hamper contains quality fish at affordable prices, offering real value for money.

We’ve got bodybuilding boxes for fitness, we’ve got luxury hampers for a showstopping meal and boxes to feed the family. Enjoy!

Fish Box Delivery

To get your seafood by post, all you need to do is to place your order with us using this site. We will then go to work on your order sourcing the freshest seafood from the ports and fish markets throughout the UK. Please be assured that only the finest fresh fish and seafood is ever used for and fish hamper we supply. A O Seafood the online fishmonger has been supplying the highest standard of seafood to restaurants and top hotels throughout the UK for over 25 year and have built up an enviable reputation in that time for quality & service.

Seafood Delivered to your door.

All of the fish and seafood is individually vac packed to seal in the freshness & labelled with a use by date on it. Your order comes chilled in an insulated fish box with sealed ice packs within it to keep the temperature constantly low and your seafood in a perfect state for your delivery. Once it arrives with you, the fresh fish can be put straight into the freezer to be used at a later date, and this in no way effects the quality. Or it can be put straight into your refrigerated & consumed within 3 days. We have a good range for you to choose from so whether you’re after the oily fish box, or a smoked salmon hamper or a family fish hamper, please be assured of our highest attention to your order…Enjoy.

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