How Healthy Is Farmed Scottish Salmon?

The Scottish salmon industry was worth approximately $756 million in 2015 making it the most lucrative British export by far – and farmed Scottish Salmon makes up the vast majority of this bounty from the icy waters off Scotland.

Over the years there have been various accusations leveled at farmed seafood, among them being that the produce contains trace elements that may have adverse effects on tfresh salmon farm in scotlandhe health of consumers. These accusations have included the presence of heavy metals such as mercury.

However, strict oversight of the farmed Scottish Salmon industry in recent years have gone a long way towards dispelling a reputation for the production of sub standard fish and associated products. In fact farmed Scottish Salmon has been recognized as the best captive bred Salmon in the world by many agencies involved in retail and the food service industry.

The quality of the fish is in part due to the exceptional quality of the waters around the coast of Scotland. Cold waters and natural foodstuff, supplemented by supplemental feeding based on scientifically sound principles has resulted in what some believe is a farmed product that matches or even exceeds the quality of the wild product.

With markets in 68 countries Scottish Salmon is enjoying renaissance across the globe. Adding to the attraction of farmed Scottish Salmon is the sheer number of derivative products that are today available.

Smoked Salmon still earns the United Kingdom the lion’s share of the income derived from the fish – however growing markets in Asia and the United States for fresh farmed Scottish Salmon for use in Sushi restaurants is contributing to the increasing popularity of the fish. Word of mouth as well as a well regarded marketing and public relations campaign by both Scottish and British authorities is definitely widening the appeal of Scottish farmed Salmon.

There are those who believe that the farmed Salmon sourced from Scotland has a distinct flavor which sets it apart from the Salmon produced in other countries such as Chile (which produces 30% of the world’s farmed Salmon). The firmness of the flesh of Scottish farmed Salmon is also cited as one of the reasons that the fish produced in that country is preferred by many consumers.

Scottish Salmon Fillets

Fresh Scottish Salmon

The sheer variety of products that are annually produced by the Scottish farmed Salmon industry has guaranteed the fish from this country a place on tables throughout the world. These products include Salmon Roe – which is increasingly finding acceptance as a viable alternative to the much more expensive Russian caviar, as well as Salmon pate which is widely recognized as a premier seafood product.

The standards which characterize the Scottish farmed Salmon industry comply with those set by the most stringent set by world governing bodies. The success of the Scottish, British and EU authorities in policing these standards and ensuring that the products that reach world retail markets are fresh and distinct from those supplied by other global producers.

This makes Scottish farmed Salmon a product that proudly represents the skill and devotion of Scottish Salmon producers and their adherence to the highest quality standards. To buy the very mentioned Scottish Salmon fillets click here to buy online for a next day home delivery in the UK.


Farmed Scottish Salmon – (behind the scenes)


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