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When considering a healthy diet, fresh fish is often included in there & although salmon is a popular fish, many people aren’t sure what’s the fresh salmon nutrition that’s so good for us? Fresh salmon is rich in both protein as well as B vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids. All of which are required for healthy brain function, energy, skin and joints. It also has a mineral called selenium which is also essential for a healthy body. Selenium acts as an antioxidant, and has been suggested that it can reduce the odds of prostrate cancer.

When considering salmon, it is in reference to the species of fish that are anadromous which tells us that these fish were all born in fresh water rivers as well as streams and they migrate to the ocean to become adults. When they are ready to spawn they then return to the streams and rivers where they were born by swimming upstream in often treacherous conditions.

Upon spawning, they then die. There are six basic types of salmon. These are Atlantic, Chinook, Coho, Chinook, Sockeye and the Pink. Atlantic salmon are usually raised on salmon farms and the remainder are generally found in wild fisheries off the coast of the Pacific Ocean & in the north Atlantic although a few are raised on farms in Washington state in the USA. The Scottish Salmon from A O Seafood is farmed Atlantic Salmon unless stated as ‘wild salmon’, and comes from award winning fisheries located in the Scottish lochs.fresh salmon farm in scotland

Three ounces of fresh salmon pack just 121 calories and a whopping 17 grams of protein. This makes this delectable treat excellent for dieters and those who need to increase their protein levels. As an added bonus, it tastes delicious as well.

Consuming Omega 3s helps to lower the risk of arrhythmias, reduce the triglyceride levels and slow down the growth of atherosclerotic plaque as well as reduce the blood pressure. Omega 3s also help to improve the joints and reduce aches and pains of arthritis and other pain conditions.

If you’re looking for a healthy meal, that is full of vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids, you’ve chosen the right dinner. Salmon is a delicious addition to any healthy diet and will benefit the diner with a myriad of health benefits.

From a healthier heart to lower blood pressure, you’re sure to reap many great benefits if you eat just 3 ounces of salmon. Salmon can be found at most grocers in three types. There is fresh salmon that is found in the seafood department. Frozen salmon and lastly, canned salmon.

When considering fresh salmon nutrition, it’s important to note that fresh salmon is always preferred over the frozen or the canned varieties. Although all three forms pack great nutritional value, fresh salmon retains the most vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids over the other forms of salmon. Fancy trying some? Click her to buy fresh salmon

The wonder of Salmon and Omega 3


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