Fresh Octopus on sale, 10% Off

AO Seafood are knocking 10% off the price of 1kg of fresh octopus for this week. If you haven’t tried cooking it before then at this price it’s worth giving it a go. There are a plethora of recipes online from very simple & quick recipes to more in-depth ones. The seafood comes a 1kg of fresh raw octopus before any prep is done to it. Fresh Octopus is normally £6.99/Kg or £2.10/portion, the average weight is 1 kilo and will serve once cooked up to 3 portions of 300g before prep.
Fresh Octopus is caught off the shores of the UK daily. It usually weighs around 1 kilo & can serve 3 portions once prepared.
Please allow up to 3 days for delivery.

If you are wondering how to prepare it then check out the video below.


How to Prepare Octopus

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