Fresh Fish for Building Lean Muscle

Fresh Fish for Muscle Building

In the world of bodybuilding, meat such as beef and chicken are considered to have better benefits that fresh fish and other seafood. The protein count in fish is slightly lower than in beef and chicken respectively. However, it fish and other seafood should be given their due credit since, these still have protein and are considered to be the healthier alternative to chicken and beef, respectively.

With fish, you can do the high-fat and the fat-free versions of fish. For people that need a stable intake of healthy fats then fish such as salmon are an excellent choice; the salmon also is a rich source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. For those seeking to eat fat-free meat, then fish such as sole and flounder are a good choice. The push to give due credit to fish in regards to muscle building does not mean that we exclude beef and chicken from the diet; the push only goes to show the advantage of eating fish.

•    A Source of Lean Protein
Fish is a source of lean protein, which is necessary for bodybuilding. Muscle building involves having a balance of different objectives. There is the need to cut calories, fats, and carbs to a certain level while pushing for a higher protein consumption to support weight loss as well as muscle gain. Fresh fish is thus the healthier food to have in your bodybuilding nutrition plan.bodybuilding fish protien fish box

•    A Source of Healthy Fats
Muscle building requires a stable intake of calories, fats, and carbohydrates. While carbs and proteins will be converted and stored as body fat, fats are more efficiently stored as body fat. The body prioritizes fats from fish for various important physiological process after which the focus can be on storing body fats.

•    Easy To Digest
If you do not watch what you eat when building muscles, you risk burning valuable muscle mass as well as unwanted body fat. For this reason, bodybuilding should be supported by a diet rich in protein and healthy fats, carbs, and calories in the right amounts. All these, tend to have a direct impact on the digestion system. The body can digest fish easily than it does other meats such as chicken and beef.

•    High Mineral Content
Bodybuilding increases the metabolic rate and calorie burning, which are supported by certain minerals such as iodine and selenium.  The two are found in most types of fresh fish. Eating fish will thus keep the thyroid gland healthy; the gland that supports metabolism and contributes to a stable and stronger immune system, which is essential for high-impact training such as muscle building.


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