Fishing Tips For Catching Seabass

Seabass is a renowned type of fish sought out in various parts of the world. It’s regarded as a tough catch by experts who have spent years understanding the nuances of capturing this fish.

It’s important to have the foundation in place to catch seabass, and it starts with these tips.

Go through the advice in this read to shape your approach out in the water.

1) Time of Day & Location

There are two factors to consider when you are fishing and they’ll be mentioned here.

You will look at two things:

1) Time of Day
2) Spot In Water

When you have these two factors mapped out in your setup and plan, you’ll be able to do better in the water.

For this type of fish, you should be getting up after sunrise and heading to the water. This is when they’re most active, and you’ll catch something special. Not only should you be waking up early, but you should also be staying within 100 meters of the shoreline. They won’t go any further, so the closer you are, the better your chances are of reeling them in.

2) Use A Conventional Saltwater Setup

What tackle should you be using? A conventional reel will do so a 20-30 lb. test line will suffice. They have soft lining in their mouth, so pulling hard will do more damage than good.

Stick to this setup and tweak other aspects of your approach if things don’t work.

3) Live Squid Is Your Best Bait

What should you be using for bait? This is a question people will have who have never gone after this fish. The goal is to make sure you are using squid. They flock towards squid and will be prone to getting hooked.

Now, there are two options when it comes to squid.

You can go with the live option or stick to dead squid. It’s preferred to use live squid as it creates a better bait to capture fish.

If not, dead squid is fine and will do the job for you in most scenarios. Stick to this as bait and see the results race in.

Too many fishers head to the water without considering external factors such as the moon cycle. Studies have shown this type of fish is often hypersensitive to moon phases.

Therefore, it’s better to head out during the full moon rather than any other time of the month. It will attract fish in hordes, and this makes it easier to catch them.

Aim for a 2-3 day period before the full moon to optimize your sessions in the water. It will eradicate some of the time-based pressure on catching this fish and will give you enough time to get as many as you require.

It’s not easy to catch this fish, but that’s what makes them a special catch in the first place. Go through all of these tips and incorporate them into your fishing processes immediately. You will notice the results come in and that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

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