Eye of The Tiger(fish)

Probably the most recognisable movie soundtrack of all time – minus the fish, of course, as that sounds like a Spongebob parody but I had to have some sort of seafood reference in the title – Survivor’s 1982 hit is pretty inspiring when it comes to getting fit. There’s not one of us who, having watched the film Rocky, didn’t feel at least some motivation to get up and get active, if we weren’t already.

One of the most memorable scenes of the hit film involves a 4am wake-up, a wander to the fridge and a glass of five raw eggs being downed in record time…as you do. Whilst we here at AO Seafood aren’t in a position to endorse or recommend such actions, what that scene really emphasises is the importance of diet when training.

It’s a well-established fact within the health and fitness industry that it’s not so much how you train (although, clearly, significant effort is involved) but how you recover that really makes the difference. And the most vital ingredient to recovery? Protein.

If you’ve ever felt those pains a day or two after a good training session, they’re coming from tiny little tears in the muscle – nothing to worry about and perfectly normal – and it’s protein that the body uses to repair these tears and recover sufficiently. So, in order to maximise results in the gym, a high protein diet is recommended.

Can you see where this is going? Yep, you guessed it…FISH!

Seafood is an exceptionally good source of protein. For example, Tuna contains around 30g of protein per 100g serving. Similar size salmon and sea bass portions contain around 20g, to name but three. And of course, the average tuna steak and salmon supreme portions are a good bit bigger than that! In addition, seafood contains essential omega-3 and omega-6 fats which are an important part of any good diet.

In a nutshell – if you want to train well, you must eat well, and there’s nothing much better for you than seafood.

You’ll be pleased to know that AO Seafood stocks all of the aforementioned fish, and we offer tailor made boxes for your training requirements – you can check these out here!

Sorted. Now where’s my headphones?

Der…Der der der…Der der der…Der der derrrrrrrr.