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It is safe to say that nutrition is as important apart of bodybuilding and general fitness than the exercises themselves so with that being said, why are so many bodybuilders getting it wrong when it comes to eating right and building lean muscle. A structured diet is crucial if your goal is to build lean muscle but at the same time keep the fat intake to a minimum. This will take organization and no little preparation to achieve your goals. In fact to build muscle mass and at the same time to reduce body fat requires an optimal number of meals, calories and portion control.

Any top athlete who is ahead in their field will in every case have a strict diet regime. In fact they will tell you that all the training in the world will mean nothing unless you have the correct nutrition to accompany it. If you fail to give your body the right fuel, both before and after your training sessions then you will be on the slow coach to average town, & who wbodybuilding fish protien fish boxants that. You can spend the same amount of time in the gym, yet determining whether you have a six pack you could grate cheese on or not will depend every time on your diet regime.

Don’t get me wrong, fat is essential to a healthy body. In fact our bodies would not function properly if we didn’t have a reasonable level of fat. Fat is important to help maintain our cell membranes, our brain function, absorption of certain vitamins and for the production of hormones such as testosterone. However, not all fats are as good as others, oils such as omega 3 which is found in certain fresh fish has an incredibly important role in our health which is well documented upon. Whereas saturated fats found in dairy & certain meats has less of a health benefit and holds more risks the greater the quantity consumed. In any case if going for a cutting routine you would be drastically reducing the fat intake for that period of time.

Good protein consumption is obviously critical and knowing how much you need may take a little trial and error to get right, yet when it is done right along with the exercise produces fine results. Good proteins would consist of Fresh Fish, and portions of seafood are regularly eaten by those in the fitness industry including the top bodybuilders. That is why here at AO Seafood Ltd we are putting together a selection of fish boxes designed for those who wish to eat fresh fish as part of their diet. Fish is an excellent form of protein, since it is lean with only a little fat that is usually situated in the skin. So, if on the weeks where you maybe cutting, it can be consumed with the skin off & for weeks when you are bulking, then keep the skin on. All the fresh fish in our fish box for bodybuilders is vac packed in individual portions and can be kept in the fridge for up to a week before being consumed. If there are any portions of fish that are not likely to be eaten in that time, then they can be frozen for another suitable time. When you order a fish box, all the fish comes chilled and in an insulated box ensuring you of the freshest fresh fish direct to your door. If you haven’t yet tried a Bodybuilding fish box, then click through on the link to browse our selection

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Easy to Cook Fish & High Protein Meal

AO Seafood Burnley, Lancashire

Bodybuilding Fish Box For A Week

Fresh Halibut cut into a 200g  or 250g Steaks. Wild caught fresh Halibut is fished off the Iceland and Greenland waters, it can exceed 100kg in weight. buy online


Fresh Live Welsh Mussels, total weight 1Kg before prep – £4.50/Kg works out at £2.25 per portion buy mussels online


Our Peeled Prawns come with the heads, shells & tails removed, cooked and then frozen ready for use. Fished in the North Atlantic these are prized as one of the best tasting prawns around. buy prawns

Looking for a regular delivery of fresh fish to your door?


Fresh Octopus is caught off the shores of the UK daily. It usually weighs around 1 kilo & can serve 3 portions once prepared. order octopus

Fresh Oysters sold in either 1 x dozen or 2 x dozen and can be refrigerated for up to 5 days Oysters are usually a special treat, give them a try.

King Prawns

Whole Raw King Prawn with head on. Our Whole King Prawns come in 3 different sizes. Our King Prawn are supplied raw with there heads and shells on ready to cook.

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A O Seafood has been established in the wholesale Fish delivery industry for over 25 years and in that time has built up an enviable reputation for great service & the highest quality fresh fish on the market. With our own dedicated refrigeration delivery vans and a highly motivated team of staff we are in a great position to make sure your order is delivered to you on time and to your exact requirements.

Our attention to detail has helped to build up a loyal base of customers including many Michelin star restaurants. Our experience in filleting and preparing has helped chefs to produce a quality dish with no fear of their customers finding the dreaded bone in their meal. When it comes to buying from fish wholesalers you need to know that the quality of the produce is the best out there. We only ever buy in the freshest & best quality produce available.
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As Fish Suppliers to top restaurants and hotels in the north of England & Wales, we use the latest refrigerated vans and have a team of 5 vehicles delivering daily. Our service is second to none. If you are looking to change your supplier and are wondering what our product range is, then click on the button top left to download our latest product brochure. Or if you would rather speak to us and discuss your requirements, then please feel free to contact us via email or phone.

Undoubtedly there are many fish suppliers to choose from, but the last thing you would want is to deal with a wholesaler that doesn’t care about your requirements or sees you as just another customer. Having that personal touch is what we are about, taking an interest in your business and always being open to listening to suggestions on how we can improve our service to you is important to us.

As quality Fish Suppliers, we often come across some great deals. Our prices are already keen, since that is also a very important aspect of business, especially these days, but when we get some special deals, we will pass these on to you. At A.O.Seafood we want you to feel that not only are we providing a quality product, with great service, but we’re also trying our hardest to save you money where we are able.

From fresh live lobster & shellfish to a wide range of frozen, fresh fish & smoked fish like the finest smoked salmon & gavadlax, A O Seafood has exactly what you need.

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