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It’s Brill!

brill freshBrill is a type of flatfish that belongs to the turbot family, and its binomial name is Scophthalmus rhombus. It is found in the Mediterranean sea and also in the North Atlantic and Baltic Sea. Other places where you can find this particular fish is where there are offshore waters that are deep. This type of fish is rare to find and most people confuse them with turbot because they have a similar look. Just like other flatfish that are found in the European waters, these unique species are mostly targeted for business by commercial vessels.

How Do You Identify This Particular Fish?

Even though this type of fish is not easy to catch, you can easily be able to identify them because of their slender bodies that are covered in dark or light colored flecks. Furthermore, you also need to understand the fact that Scophthalmus rhombus does not have a specific color because they can switch color to match its surrounding.

brillThis unique fish grows to an average size of forty centimeters to seventy centimeters in terms of length. Furthermore, apart from being longer that most flatfish, it also weights approximately three kilograms when it is fully grown, and some are known to weight more than three kilograms.
What Do They Eat?

These types of flatfish are known to hunt and scavenge for food. That means they eat small creatures and plants that are found in deep waters such as marine worms, prawns, and even crustaceans. Moreover, these species are also known to each lobster, invertebrates, and even crabs as well. Besides eating invertebrates, crabs, and even lobsters, they also feed on small fish when they are big in size.

brill cookedOther stuff you may not know about Brill

When it comes to breeding, these species are known to spawn during summer and spring season. However, this process takes place in shallow water that is between ten meters and twenty meters above. The eggs of the flat fish usually float within the planktons until the time they hatch. The eggs hatch and moved to the shallow waters and remain there for at least one year.

Even though this type of fish is rare to catch, there are various techniques and methods use to catch this flatfish. Boat anglers prefer fishing for this kind of fish during the spring season when the flatfish are breeding. That is because during this time, brill fish usually comes close of the sand making it easy to catch them.

Monkfish Tail, Lime and Chilli on a Cold Day Yum!

monkfish tail

A unique, firm-textured and meaty white fish, monkfish has an extraordinary appearance, with a flattened head, tapering body and mottled-brown, glossy skin. Once the fish has been filleted and the central bone removed, there are no others. Buy your monkfish here


Lime and chilli monkfish tail with pea guacamole


For the monkfish

For the pea guacamole

For the salsa


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The natural habitat of the red mullet

Red Mullet is a common fish caught both in UK waters as well as in the Mediterranean sea. The fish is not a close relation to grey mullet which is also fished in UK waters. Red mullets is often caught as a bye catch and are not usually targeted  by fishermen. The flesh of the fish is fairly firm and lends itself to stews, soups and curries because it wont break up easily like flaky fish such as Hake.

red mulletAs with buying most fresh fish, the fresher the fish the better, so it is always best to order your Red Mullet from AO Seafood. This is because the fish is bought direct from the markets where the fishing boats have landed their catch usually that morning and all fish is bought, processed and sent out for delivery either that day or the next. Unlike supermarket bought fish Fresh Fish bought online from wholesalers will be less than a few days old at most and there really isn’t a better way to guarantee getting a better quality of seafood.

If bought whole, the Red Mullet should have bright eyes and bright red gills. The flesh is a pinkish colour and when fresh will not have much of a smell. This is when you know you have a very fresh mullet. It is known for its high levels of omega-3 fatty acid, plus other beneficial trace elements such as iodine, iron & phosphorous.

As well as going well in stews, curries etc, the fillets lend themselves well to being pan fried and with them being such a flavoursome fish can be pan fried in a little garlic butter and lemon and it will hold its own against any other fish. The Red Mullet fish is not to be confused with the red mullet hear style often worn by some ill fashioned people in both the 70’s and 80’s . To buy Red Mullet online from AO Seafood click here

Red Mullet Recipe

How Healthy Is Farmed Scottish Salmon?

The Scottish salmon industry was worth approximately $756 million in 2015 making it the most lucrative British export by far – and farmed Scottish Salmon makes up the vast majority of this bounty from the icy waters off Scotland.

Over the years there have been various accusations leveled at farmed seafood, among them being that the produce contains trace elements that may have adverse effects on tfresh salmon farm in scotlandhe health of consumers. These accusations have included the presence of heavy metals such as mercury.

However, strict oversight of the farmed Scottish Salmon industry in recent years have gone a long way towards dispelling a reputation for the production of sub standard fish and associated products. In fact farmed Scottish Salmon has been recognized as the best captive bred Salmon in the world by many agencies involved in retail and the food service industry.

The quality of the fish is in part due to the exceptional quality of the waters around the coast of Scotland. Cold waters and natural foodstuff, supplemented by supplemental feeding based on scientifically sound principles has resulted in what some believe is a farmed product that matches or even exceeds the quality of the wild product.

With markets in 68 countries Scottish Salmon is enjoying renaissance across the globe. Adding to the attraction of farmed Scottish Salmon is the sheer number of derivative products that are today available.

Smoked Salmon still earns the United Kingdom the lion’s share of the income derived from the fish – however growing markets in Asia and the United States for fresh farmed Scottish Salmon for use in Sushi restaurants is contributing to the increasing popularity of the fish. Word of mouth as well as a well regarded marketing and public relations campaign by both Scottish and British authorities is definitely widening the appeal of Scottish farmed Salmon.

There are those who believe that the farmed Salmon sourced from Scotland has a distinct flavor which sets it apart from the Salmon produced in other countries such as Chile (which produces 30% of the world’s farmed Salmon). The firmness of the flesh of Scottish farmed Salmon is also cited as one of the reasons that the fish produced in that country is preferred by many consumers.

Scottish Salmon Fillets

Fresh Scottish Salmon

The sheer variety of products that are annually produced by the Scottish farmed Salmon industry has guaranteed the fish from this country a place on tables throughout the world. These products include Salmon Roe – which is increasingly finding acceptance as a viable alternative to the much more expensive Russian caviar, as well as Salmon pate which is widely recognized as a premier seafood product.

The standards which characterize the Scottish farmed Salmon industry comply with those set by the most stringent set by world governing bodies. The success of the Scottish, British and EU authorities in policing these standards and ensuring that the products that reach world retail markets are fresh and distinct from those supplied by other global producers.

This makes Scottish farmed Salmon a product that proudly represents the skill and devotion of Scottish Salmon producers and their adherence to the highest quality standards. To buy the very mentioned Scottish Salmon fillets click here to buy online for a next day home delivery in the UK.


Farmed Scottish Salmon – (behind the scenes)


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Fresh Dover Sole – Buying, Preparation And Nutritional Guide

Are you looking to prepare a fresh dover sole meal for your family? Are you wondering where to get it fresh? Well, if you have been disappointed repeatedly by numerous fishmongers in your area, here are a few great tips on where to buy fresh dover sole and make a scrumptious meal out of it.

The fish is commonly referred to as dover sole but has been coined as slippery sole and slime sole because of the mucus excreted that makes it very difficult to hold. The scientific name of the fish is microstomous pacificus. It’s usually sold frozen and fresh whole. Normally, it’s gutted, dressed and sold as fillets. Due to the slimy skin, it’s always filleted to make it easier for the end consumer.

fresh dover sole fishIf you get Pacific Dover sole, you are likely to enjoy the delicate taste and also the firm texture of its flesh. However, the mildness can’t be compared to the European sole. The quality of flatfish can be quite different and that’s why it’s important for every consumer to look for one without bruises and has a uniform color. Also, the fish can be purchsed as a whole or filleted with the skin off, making it easier for cooking preperation.

Regardless of when you are looking to prepare your dover sole meal, you can find the fresh fish at various times annually. On the other hand, you can always purchase it frozen any time without any scarcity. You can purchase it from the local frozen food stores or fishmongers, but for the best results use AO Seafood website that can deliver the freshest fish to your home in the UK anytime you make an order.

If you don’t know how to prepare dover sole, you can do so using the following methods. First, you can choose to bake it with an oven. Secondly, you can fry it using a deep fryer. Other methods include poaching, steaming and sautéing the fish. You can choose whatever method you prefer depending on your culinary skills and preferences.

If you are watching your diet, the nutritional facts about the dover sole should come in very hand. A serving size of 100 grams has

  • 91 calories,
  • 1.2 grams of fat,
  • 42 milligrams of cholesterol,
  • 81 milligrams of sodium,
  • 18.8 grams of protein,
  • 0.2 grams of Omega-3 and no carbohydrates.

Enjoy your dover sole with your family or friends, thanks to these useful tips.

Pan Frying Dover Sole


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Fresh Fish for Building Lean Muscle

Fresh Fish for Muscle Building

In the world of bodybuilding, meat such as beef and chicken are considered to have better benefits that fresh fish and other seafood. The protein count in fish is slightly lower than in beef and chicken respectively. However, it fish and other seafood should be given their due credit since, these still have protein and are considered to be the healthier alternative to chicken and beef, respectively.

With fish, you can do the high-fat and the fat-free versions of fish. For people that need a stable intake of healthy fats then fish such as salmon are an excellent choice; the salmon also is a rich source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. For those seeking to eat fat-free meat, then fish such as sole and flounder are a good choice. The push to give due credit to fish in regards to muscle building does not mean that we exclude beef and chicken from the diet; the push only goes to show the advantage of eating fish.

•    A Source of Lean Protein
Fish is a source of lean protein, which is necessary for bodybuilding. Muscle building involves having a balance of different objectives. There is the need to cut calories, fats, and carbs to a certain level while pushing for a higher protein consumption to support weight loss as well as muscle gain. Fresh fish is thus the healthier food to have in your bodybuilding nutrition plan.bodybuilding fish protien fish box

•    A Source of Healthy Fats
Muscle building requires a stable intake of calories, fats, and carbohydrates. While carbs and proteins will be converted and stored as body fat, fats are more efficiently stored as body fat. The body prioritizes fats from fish for various important physiological process after which the focus can be on storing body fats.

•    Easy To Digest
If you do not watch what you eat when building muscles, you risk burning valuable muscle mass as well as unwanted body fat. For this reason, bodybuilding should be supported by a diet rich in protein and healthy fats, carbs, and calories in the right amounts. All these, tend to have a direct impact on the digestion system. The body can digest fish easily than it does other meats such as chicken and beef.

•    High Mineral Content
Bodybuilding increases the metabolic rate and calorie burning, which are supported by certain minerals such as iodine and selenium.  The two are found in most types of fresh fish. Eating fish will thus keep the thyroid gland healthy; the gland that supports metabolism and contributes to a stable and stronger immune system, which is essential for high-impact training such as muscle building.


Lean Salmon Recipe

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Fresh Mussels 10% Off for this week.

Ever tried fresh mussels? Well for this week we are giving 10% Off orders from our online shop at AO Seafood. These tasty shellfish can be enjoyed in a range of different recipes and one is to simply steam them until cooked and to then simmer in a white wine and stock, searve with crusty bread and a glass of crisp white wine..delicious! Click here to buy them online for a next day delivery.


Perfect Moules Marinière

Cooked Lobster get 10% OFF

If it’s been a while since you have enjoyed a freshly cooked lobster then why not take up the opportunity of being able to buy cooked lobster at 10% OFF this week only. The lobster is precooked perfeclty saviing you the time and effort in doing the killing and cooking yourself. It is immediately frozen sealing in the freshness and flavour, ready for you to eat. Click here to go to the product page and buy Cooked Lobster, and get it delivered to your home at a day that suits you.


How to Prepare a Cooked Lobster


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Smoked Kippers for Breakfast? 10% Off for this week only!

Have you ever tried Smoked Kippers for your Breakfast? Well whether you have or haven’t for this week AO Seafood are giving 10% OFF a 1.6kg order of Manx Smoked Kippers from an Award Winning Smoke House on the Isle of Mann. Click here to go to the product page.


Smoked Kippers with Poached Egg

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Fishing for Fresh Halibut


Halibut fishing is one of the most popular forms of fishing in Alaska, even with their legendary salmon runs, and it’s not hard to see why. Halibut is a well-known flatfish commonly found in the North Atlantic, Off Norway and Greenland & also the Pacific Ocean. It is renowned not only for its impressive fight in addition to a snowy white flesh that is firm like a steak and also delicious.Fresh Halibut

One of the best places to fish for halibut is Alaska. While the entire Kenai Peninsula is full of towns and cities that have experienced charter captains, the little town of Homer, Alaska, is considered the Halibut Fishing Capital of the World. If you want to maximize your chances of catching a halibut that is several hundred pounds, this is the place to do it!

Halibut are often fished for using a lot of live bait, and also chumming the waters to attract halibut and encourage a feeding frenzy. A good captain will know what’s most likely to work around his or her waters, and they know how to switch up the strategies if one isn’t working to get you into the fish.

Halibut will be easy to recognize. They are long, extremely flat, and large ones are sometimes nicknamed “barn doors” by anglers because of the shape their large flatfish bodies give them. Here at A O Seafood Ltd we recently provided a medium size fresh Halibut to one of the restaurants that we supply, see image. Due to the size of the fish we usually supply Halibut Steak of 200g & 250g portion sizes with the skin on. But on this occasion our customer wanted the whole fish which took 3 men to carry.

While halibut can be caught throughout the Pacific, meaning California residents don’t have to go too far from home to get them, the best fishing for these giant saltwater monsters is off of Alaska. Up in those colder waters the average best fishing season stretches from late May through early September.

Even if you don’t make it all the way to little Homer, Seward, Ketchikan, and several other communities up there will be able to provide the same high quality experience in great waters to help give you the best chance at bringing home a trophy halibut.

Fishing for Halibut off Alaska

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