Wild Sea Bass

Cornish wild sea bass is just what it says on the tin. It’s sea bass, but it’s not farmed, like the vast majority we see today. It’s caught in it’s natural habitat, in Cornwall. The 200g fillets we’ve got just now are off 2-3kg size fish, so nice and chunky. 

It would make Bear Grylls proud.

Portion size: Approx 200g 



Quick Draw

When I think of the word wild, I think of cowboys, teepees, and saloons with swing doors. I don’t, and you probably don’t, although maybe you do if you’re sharper than me, think of wild sea bass. Maybe you thought it was all wild. It’s not. To be honest, the vast majority of sea bass now is farmed in Greece and Turkey. If it was all wild, we’d run out faster than John Wayne could pull his pistol from it’s holster.

That doesn’t mean to say, though, that when it’s in season, we don’t get any. Because we do! Generally, wild sea bass are larger (we had one last year around a stone in weight!) and have the freedom of the oceans to feed on.

Whatever your preference is, it’s a lovely tasting fish that’s well matched with simple ingredients such as lemon, olive and a bit of seasoning.

Here’s a recipe showing how to cook sea bass:

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