Swordfish Steak

Just like it’s name, this fish evokes thoughts of strength. In taste, that is. It’s not going to jump out of the box and lift you up.

With that in mind, it stands up to some powerful flavours, so don’t be scared to get stuck in!

Swordfish arrives into the UK packed in 3kg loins. We portion it for you from there.

Portion size: 200g


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I’m Not a Puppet, I’m a Real Boy!

So said Pinocchio, owner of the longest nose in Disney history (unless I’m missing something, feel free to correct me!) Tell lies, and your nose will grow. I wonder if, in some cruel twist, the very first swordfish that swam in our oceans told fibs to it’s creator and ended up with the same problem as our cartoon friend. Who nose?

There’s no doubt about it, swordfish is a very unusual looking fish. It’s also one of those fish, like tuna, that you have no idea of its size until you Google it. Which I definitely did not just do. It can grow to erm…argh this internet is so slow…up to 3m, but are generally caught commercially at the 1.2-1.9m size.

Fortunately for you, though, you don’t have to look at it. All you have to do is buy the steak, which we’ve prepared for you, and enjoy it with some lemon, garlic, capers and black pepper.

Or here’s a recipe to try.

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