Sea Trout

Wild Caught Sea Trout Fillets

Sold as: 1kg of Fish Before Prep (5 portions)

Landed: Scotland

Sea Trout is caught wild & sold as 1 kg of fish before prep (5 portions). £32.50/Kg works out at £6.50 per portion (each portion is roughly 200g before preparation). Your fish is Prepared Filleted & Scaled.

Allow up to 3 days to source this fish fresh for you.

This fish is caught wild in Scottish waters and can grow up to 5 kg in size. It begins life as a brown trout, but then it leaves the fresh water rivers for the sea, changing in appearance to that similar to a salmon. The meat of this fish is something in between that of a salmon, and it can be cooked the same way.


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Weight 1.00 kg


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