Sea Bass

When you think of sea bass, what do you think of, apart from what I’ve asked you to think about?

I think Mediterranean. Crushed black pepper and lemons. White wine. I think simple, fresh, tasty cooking.

There’s a reason sea bass is part of the ‘big 5’ fish in this country, and it’s not because of it’s personality.

1 fish is 1 portion

Portion size: 2 x 90-110g size fillets.


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Double Bass

There’s something about a live orchestra that gets me going. All in perfect harmony, it’s a well oiled machine that produces a spectacle which is hard to match. Now, I use the underwater orchestra as a reference to sea bass being part of the band. And you’re going to appease me and go along with it.

I’m not the sort of person to say that food sings off the plate but for the purposes of my illustration I am going to persevere with it and say it does. Because, when matched with simple ingredients, letting it be the star of the show, sea bass really does.

It’s a really simple fish to cook with, but delivers lovely sweet and delicate flavours. In fact, it’s one of the first seafood dishes I cooked at home – wrapped in foil with a little olive oil, black pepper and lemon juice. I recall being quite proud of that, at the time!

Fun fact: According to the Brittanica website, there are about 475 species of sea bass in our oceans!

Here’s a nice recipe from James Martin, showing how to cook sea bass in the bag:




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