Sea Bass

Fresh Sea Bass Fillets

Sold as: 180g of Boneless Fillets with the Skin on (this equates to 1 full portion for an adult)

Landed: Greece

Fresh Sea Bass Fillets are on most a restaurant’s menu, and has become a very popular fish to eat. Sustainably sourced & farmed in the waters off Greece and each fish averages 500g in weight before prep.
This fish has a delicate flavour and a firm white meat & is often pan fried as a cooking method. its colour is silvery grey to bluish on the back, silvery on the sides, belly sometimes tinged with yellow.





Sea Bass are a part of the ‘Moronidae’ species of spiny-finned fish group, the Grouper fish is also a part of this family of fish. The breeding season for this fish is from around March to the middle of June, & for native sea bass it tends to be in April time. In the warmer waters off the south coast of England through to the Bay of Biscay the breeding season usually starts a little earlier in February seabassand finishes in May. With farmed seabass, there is no breeding season, since this is controlled throughout the year depending on demand. The farmed Seabass have an average size of approximately 30-35cm and yield two boneless fillets of a total weight of 180-grams approx.

The Seabass that is supplied by AOSeafood is farmed in open net pens off the coastal waters in Greece. This fish is a supplied fresh to our premises 3 times a week and is one of our most popular fish that we supply to restaurants and hotels throughout the UK. The fish can be prepared as a whole fish that has been descaled, gutted and cleaned, or it can be supplied as descaled, and boneless fillets. The taste of seabass is one of the most popular, since it has a delicate and sweet flavour with a firm texture. It is very easy to cook, and it is a good source of quality protein and nutrients.

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