If there was ever a fish purely created to go on a barbecue, sardines are it.

I had them once in France (had them more since, obviously) washed down with a cool beer. In the sun, it just didn’t get any better.

Our sardines, landed in Cornwall, are freshness personified.

We sell ours by the kilo, whole, which is usually about 10 fish. That’ll do you for 2 portions.


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Rush Hour

You have to love the daily commute. Cars bumper to bumper. Travel delays. Buses and trains full to the brim, everyone tightly packed in, like…like…sardines I didnotjustsaythemostobvioussardinereferenceever.

If you’re anything like me, your childhood memory of sardines is probably out of a tin – curried, tomatoe’d (is that a word?) on toast. Delicious. Little did my blissful, ignorant young brain appreciate what this was made of. A fish, sure, but I had goldfish too, and you just don’t think of these things when you’re 6 years old you know?

Now, well I still enjoy them with a bit of toast, except this time with a fresh, zingy salsa and a cool, hoppy lager. For me, that’s the taste of summer. Or the taste of cold with an outdoor heat lamp, as we say in England.

Here’s a different recipe from Marco.





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Filleted, Whole, Gutted and Scaled


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