Why Scottish Farmed Salmon is the Best in the World

The world’s hunger for Scottish farmed salmon has become increasingly hard to satisfy in recent years.  Independent surveys show that the demand for salmon farmed in Scotland is now higher than it has ever been with at least 65 different countries importing the fish. In fact, the surveys also show that exports of Scottish farmed salmon are now up to £65 million around the globe.

Scotland’s favorite fish is being used in more and more recipes all over the world as people find new ways to enjoy it. Salmon has been farmed in Scotland for a very long time and with over 26,000 tonnes of the fish being shipped over the Atlantic Ocean to be consumed in the United States alone, not to mention the 35,000 tonnes sent to Europe with a further 11,000 tonnes shipped to the Far East. It’s fair to say that Scottish salmon farmers have perfected their craft.

The salmon is not only in demand overseas but here in the UK Scottish farmed salmons popularity has continued to soar. It is also in menus of incredibly high profile events in recent years such as at Buckingham Palace for the Royal Wedding, where it was served to 350 guests during the wedding breakfast. Farmed Scottish salmon is also giving the traditional full English breakfast a run for its money by being a key ingredient in Eggs Royale, a popular breakfast that is appearing on more and more menus around the world. It recently was added to the breakfast menu of the JD Weatherspoon Company and will be served before 11 am in every JD Weatherspoon pub in the UK. Without the Scottish salmon as the special ingredient, this dish is just egged on a muffin.

Where the demand for Scottish salmon continues to grow Scottish salmon farmers are frequently under fire from environmental campaigners who believe the intense farming could be damaging to ecosystems and wild stock. One of the directors of the salmon farming organisation Loch Duart has made it clear that their organisation is working hard to make sure they respect the environment. Plus, in not allowing the increasing demand for more fish to become something that overshadows these environmental concerns they are quoted as saying, “We’ve got to have an authentic message, a clear set of farming principles that the customer can buy into, that can be verified. We were the first to have RSPCA welfare standards.”

This press, however, hasn’t been enough for the demand for Scottish farmed salmon to slow down. The salmon itself is a healthy eating option known to some as a ‘superfood.’ Not only that, for many body image-conscious consumers, it is seen as an affordable and delicious source of protein that suits their lifestyle & goes with many recipes.

Seafood International a publication that compares and rates different forms of seafood and assesses their quality. As well as the ethical nature of how it’s produced, it has named Scottish, farmed salmon the ‘best in the world’ back in 201. After a survey, it conducted by pitting Scottish salmon farmers against rival salmon farmers from around the world. It was compared to salmon farmed both in Canada and Norway however; it won by a wide margin. The result of the survey was announced at the world’s largest seafood show, European Seafood Exposition. So far Scottish farmed salmon still holds this title and shows no sign to losing it to any other country anytime soon.

John Fiorillo, Editor of Seafood International, said following this, “The survey results are significant because these are some of the biggest and most influential seafood buyers in the world. To choose Scottish salmon is high praise because what these customers purchase ultimately ends up on restaurant menus and dinner plates at home – the buyers are the gatekeepers to the consumer.”

Though an endorsement from Seafood International may have made it official, Scottish farmed salmon is the best in the world. It has never been a secret by those in the fishing, farming and culinary worlds. Scottish farmed salmon is the first fish to win the ‘Label Rouge’ from the French culinary arts authorities. In fact not only was Scottish farmed salmon the first fish to win this prestigious honour but it was the first non-French food to win! This particular award, coming from such qualified and peerless judges is just as important as any survey and is something only Scottish farmed salmon can boast.

Any food sold throughout the world that carries the ‘Label Rouge’ or red label is considered to be of superior quality when compared to its competitors. It is also a testament to the fact that the food is sourced ethically and has met certain criteria and standards that set it apart from anything else. Essentially, Scottish farmed salmon is in a class of its own when compared to the rest of the world. Even Scotland’s proudest and biggest export, its whiskey, cannot match this accolade.

Speaking on their website about the success of Scottish farmed salmon, Scott Landsburgh, chief executive of the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation said, “Scottish salmon is renowned for high quality, firm texture and distinct flavours. These characteristics, coupled with many health benefits and full traceability, are important attributes for a growing number of consumers. Our industry is committed to raising the profile of Scottish salmon in new and emerging markets, and I think these results are proof that we are beginning to reap the rewards.”

He went on to conclude, “The success of Scottish salmon is a testament to the dedication of our farmers who farm with care, passion, and pride. Producers are committed to raising salmon of the highest quality and employ the latest innovations and technologies to refine their production methods. These results are good news for the local communities in which our salmon grow and a boost to the wider economy of Scotland.”