Frozen Red Mullet

You’ve got to feel sorry for the red mullet. It’s just a tasty little fish, but I bet you’re thinking of a literal mullet haircut dyed red. It’s a good job fish don’t take it personally, eh?! 

Ours come in 1kg bags, frozen, with approx 10-15 fillets per bag.





It’s virtually impossible to write a product description on something called a mullet without making a reference to hair. If red mullet isn’t a permanent feature of your seafood shelves, then don’t let it be on the fringes any longer! Oh dear. I wish I could say I won’t give up the day job, but this is the day job.

Red mullet  is so named because of it’s striking reddish-gold skin. Strangely, it is classified as a white fish despite it’s beautiful skin colour. Usually, they can be found in the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea or North Atlantic Ocean and are fresh in season between August and October. It’s a fishy fish (as in flavour, I’m not a child trying to describe what a fish is like) so the flavour of red mullet lends itself to stronger ingredients. You could use floral herbs, like rosemary or thyme. Chilli and garlic also match up nicely.  This means it has all the healthy attributes you’d expect from a nice white fish. Benefits include being high in proteins, vitamins, and a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Interestingly, the red mullet is not related to the grey mullet; I guess it’s just one of life’s mysteries.

Alternatively, you could try red snapper which we also sell, but if you’re happy with your choice then here are a couple of recipes for you to try out.

Here’s one (click it) and here’s another, watch it below.

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