Rainbow Trout

I love rainbows. If rainbows could be tasted they would taste like trout. Just kidding (but imagine what one would taste like – I think citrus-y, maybe a hint of peach). When a food source has got the word ‘rainbow’ in it’s name, it just needs to be eaten. Even just bought, to look at and admire.

We buy ours from Wales. They are as nice and as fresh as they look. Similar to salmon, but more earthy. Colours and taste and texture make this a firm favourite.

1 fish, approx 500g size, will make 1 portion. Just let us know how you want it prepared.

Portion size: 2 x 130g fillet.


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A prominent childhood memory for me was the kids TV show Rainbow, and, in particular, the character Zippy.  He’s a brownish-orange puppet with a head shaped like a rugby ball, blue eyes and a zip for a mouth. Yes, that was entertainment. Kids don’t know they’re born these days. What’s Zippy got to do with rainbow trout?

Well, not that much, only that they share a name. And they make me happy. Rainbow drops do as well. I’m telling you, it’s the rainbow!

It’s a really lovely fish, smaller than it’s seafaring cousin, but equally as flavorsome. We get ours from a farm in Wales, so the quality and consistency is perfect.

Here’s a recipe on cooking trout – this applies to sea trout or to rainbow trout:


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