Plaice Fillets

Fresh Plaice Fillets

Sold as: 250g fillets

Landed: Cornwall & Scotland

These fish are coloured with the bright orange spots, it has a sweet delicate flavour, though it will still go well with sauces. PlaiceĀ is better the fresher it is, where as some fish will stand up to being left a few days, this fish is best eaten very fresh and our next day overnight delivery will bring you the freshest fish guaranteed!

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Fresh Plaice Fish

Buy Plaice from A.O Seafood for your next day seafood delivery to your door. The common plaice fish is a member of the flounder family and comes in 4 types of plaice fish. They are the European, Alaskan, American and the scale-eye plaice, though the only type we supply is the European and one that is fished in the UK waters. Plaice live like most flat fish on sandy banks and muddy sea beds.

Fresh Plaice has a delicate flavour and has a firm meat. It is a popular fish and is also very affordable too. We supply you fish as fillets skinned and de-boned, or as a whole fish that has been gutted and cleaned, the choice is yours. Be assured that your fish will be of the highest quality available and will be delivered chilled in a sealed insulated box in perfect condition.

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