Probably the most recognisable of flatfish with it’s orange spotted skin, this fish is a cheaper replaicement to the rest. Does that word look wrong, somehow? Well it is, because there’s an ‘i’ in it to make a fish joke and I was running out of ideas, so well ‘spotted’, oh there’s another one. This is a quality fish when eaten as fresh as possible. 1 fish will give 1 good portion as a main, maybe 2 as a starter. We’ll fillet it for you, so just let us know how many portions you need. Portion size: 250g  


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Jaffa Cakes

Jaffa cakes are probably my most favourite orange thing. Second would be a sunset. Third would be…er, well what else is orange and good? Don’t say Irn-Bru (although, to be honest, you do get that from a chip shop, and I do talk about them below). I mean plaice skin spots are orange but, on a list of favourite orange things? Let me know if I’ve missed anything.

Plaice though, taste wise? Yeah, that can go on a list. A list of nicely priced, tasty fish.

You’ll probably see it a lot now in chip shops up and down the country, because of that reason. It’s a fairly cheap fish to buy, in comparison with other flatfish, and it tastes great deep fried.

Here’s a recipe that shows you, in less than a minute, how to do just that!

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