Colchester Oysters

Oyster is a broad name for a number of different families of salt-water bivalve molluscs that live in blackish habitats in the sea. Some species have valves that are very hard and some are very irregular in shape. Some oysters also produce special kind of pearls. These oysters are harvested for the production of pearls in the sea blanket.

Discovery of Oysters

Oysters were first discovered by Aristotle from the river banks near the Island of Lesbos. These oysters were transplanted to the less populated ground of Chios. Oysters have been cultured for more than a century now. They are set out to mature themselves or they are either spread out on the previously formed oyster beds. Oysters are then collected using the method of fishing. They may also be put in racks or bags and held at some distance from the ground. This is the most common method that people employ to breed a lot of pearls.

Kinds of Oysters

There are different kinds of oysters. Those that nurture a grain of sand to become a shining pear are one kind. This type of oysters is known as pearl oysters and they are not used as food. The others are those that can be consumed as seafood. Oysters can be eaten half shelled, raw, smoked, fried, boiled or any other way you would like to have them as food.

Colchester Oysters

The Colchester Oyster Fishery is the biggest supplier of the finest seafood. Their oysters are famous and have been growing in the river from even before Roman times.

At the Colchester Oyster Fishery, you will find free-range and naturally developed oysters that are grown in nets and cages above the seabed. They are fed from the rich fertile waters. This is one of the reasons why the Colchester Oyster Fishery is one of the best in the world and their oysters have a unique and delicious taste.

In Roman times, Colchester was the capital of Britain and all the Roman boats had to go via river to reach Colchester. The common belief is that the Romans liked oysters so much that they towed them behind their boats when they went back to Rome.

Oysters are either picked by hand or searched with the net. They are then purified in specially built tanks at the Colchester oyster fishery to ensure they are in perfect condition to be consumed. From there, they are sorted out by hand into different sizes. Other fishery machines are also used to weigh and sort the oysters. The professional workers at Colchester Oyster Fishery have a vast experience of fishery and seafood.

Colchester Oyster Fishery is offering different types of oysters including:

  • Rock Oysters
  • Native Oysters
  • Oysters and Champagne

They also offer seafood platters and gifts to their customers. Platters are a perfect serving when you have to cater a fairly large crowd. Moreover, they are offer home delivery services for the convenience of their clients.

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