Who doesn’t dream of fresh mussels in a white wine, garlic and parsley sauce with crusty bread in a quaint beachside restaurant somewhere off the Cornish coast? Surely it’s not just me?

How many do you want? We’re dealing in kilos here. Bring the sea to your table. Open a bottle of white.



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The Mussel is part of the Clam family or Bivalve Molluscs that live both in in saltwater & freshwater enviroments. The mussle has an elongated & asymmetrical unlike other clams that have a more rope grown musselsoval rounded shell. The use of the term Mussel is often used to mean edible types of the Bivalves that exist on intertidal seas esturies & exposed sea shore. They use their strong byssal threads or beards as they are more commonly known to attach themselves to rock or other solid surfaces to put them in the best place to receive both clean oxygenated water and food

A Mussel can reach maturity in a year to a year and a half reaching an average sie of approximately 40mm. Farming Mussels takes a few different forms depending on the location of where the mussels are being grown. Many are grown on ropes in the menai straits which is the stretch of shallow tidal water between the north Wales peninsular and the island of Anglesey. After harvest, mussels are typically placed in seawater tanks to rid them of impurities before marketing.

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