Monkfish Tail

Heads, I win, tails, you lose.

Not in this instance. Have you seen a monkfish? With a face only its mother could love, the fish has a massive head compared to the rest of its body. Luckily, we just provide the tail, which is definitely a winner.

The flavour of monkfish is compared to that of langoustine/scampi, great for pan frying or roasting.

We do all the prep for you, so it comes skinless and boneless.

Portion size: 200g



Beauty and the Beast

“He’s not a monkfish, Gaston…you are!”


Far from being the nicest looking chap around, Belle appreciated that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That beauty is only skin deep and that it’s perfectly ok to overuse proverbs.

The point is this – monkfish are not the best looking creatures. Over half their body is the head. But their tail – that certainly is a beauty. And it doesn’t matter who the beholder is!

Some compare monkfish to lobster in terms of taste and and with its dense, meaty texture. In fact, it did used to be called the ‘poor man’s lobster‘ but is becoming ever more popular on menus up and down the country.

Here’s a recipe from Gordon on how to cook it – watch out for the tip on drying it out first!


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