Mackerel, for me, is the taste of the ocean on a plate and without doubt my favourite fish.  It’s Adrian’s as well. Great minds, and all that. I think it’s the colours, the simplicity to cook, and the fact that it’s just bursting with natural flavour that makes it so appealing. Smoked mackerel is also a winner. We get ours fresh from Scotland or Cornwall, with each fish serving as one portion. Portion size: 2 x 90-100g fillets


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Heyyyy Mack-arena

Who knew that Los Del Rio, the writers and singers of this song, formed in 1962? It’s just one of those fun facts you come to a fish website for isn’t it? What do you mean no, you just want to buy some fresh mackerel? Scroll up, then!

Mackerel is quite possibly my number one favourite fish. It brings back some great memories for me of being out on my Dad’s little boat off the coast of Peel on the Isle of Man. Some great memories of swells, hooking fingers and being pursued by a basking shark that looked like Jaws. Just kidding (although all those things happened!)

The best memory of all was of catching my first fish as a younger lad, taking it home and watching my Dad prepare it with olive oil, salt and black pepper in the pan. As fresh as you can possibly get.

It’s an oily fish, really simple to cook and bursting with flavour. I think it’s perfect with the above, but if you’re looking for something a bit more refined, then here’s a recipe from Gordon:

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