Deluxe Seafood Hamper

Deluxe. A french word meaning ‘of luxury’. You can add it to whatever you want to make it sound a little bit more glamorous. How about deluxe website writer? No? Ok, maybe not. 

Your deluxe seafood hamper contains the following ‘of luxury’ items.

1 x 800g Whole Cooked Lobster

2 x 6oz Dressed Crabs

1 x Dozen Oysters

1 x kg Fresh Rope Grown Mussels

1 x kg Raw Peeled King Prawns

1 x Partridge In A Pear Tree



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Lobster is King

Who doesn’t love a surf and turf, a nice juicy steak with a stunning fresh lobster? Lobster thermidore? No one? How about fresh rope-grown mussels in white wine sauce and crusty bread? Or grilled giant king prawns with a hint of chilli and lemon?  Still no takers? Thought not. Our luxury seafood hamper is a little bit special.

If shellfish is your thing, then you’re on the right page. Our lobster, weighing approximately 800g, hamper contains, not just what it suggests, but also:

Two dressed UK crabs
One dozen UK oysters
One kilogram of fresh, rope grown UK mussels
One kilogram bag of raw, peeled king prawns

And a Lapland partridge in a pear tree.

Summer Season – Happy Hampers

It’s our view that summer is the perfect season to enjoy shellfish – all of the above dishes are matched perfectly by a bit of sunshine. We know as well as you do that here in the UK, this isn’t too often, but don’t let that put you off. Simply buy a heat lamp and umbrella, fire up the barbecue and get them prawns on the grill! Don’t let the weather put you off buying our luxury seafood hamper!

Due to availability and price, our lobsters are sourced predominantly from the cold North Atlantic waters of Canada, as are most in the UK, but we do use native UK lobsters when available.


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