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They weigh approx 7-800g.  With a firm succulent but sweet tasting meat it has got it all, with the large tail meat to the claw meat, you will have a feast with these beauties! Ours are the best choice since none are sent out when they have just shelled. Meaning the meat is filling the shell and there are no empty voids, which can happen when they have just shelled. For our 500g Lobster click here



Lobster is often sold cooked, but will be at its freshest and tastiest if you buy it live and cook it yourself.

When live they are usually a greeny-blue colour and turn reddish-orange when cooked. Males have denser, meatier flesh, but females have a more subtle flavour and an orange ‘coral’ roe that is often used to colour sauces. Since they can be expensive, the best way to enjoy the sweet flesh is to cook them simply, either halved and grilled or baked, or boiled or steamed, and served with a butter sauce, lemon juice or mayonnaise. If you’re feeling adventurous, try using it in a mousse or risotto, or cook the classic Lobster thermidor – grilled halves served with a mustard cheese sauce.

This video from Great British Chefs shows you how to easily remove meat from a cooked lobster. Have a look through some amazing recipes.

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