Lemon Sole

When life gives you lemon soles, just eat them, they’re really nice. Especially our lemon soles, fresh from Scotland or Cornwall, which are exquisite.

They don’t taste of lemon, by the way, it’s just one of those misnomers, like your funny bone isn’t actually funny. In fact it’s not funny at all when you knock it.

We buy approx. 500g size fish, which will give you one portion. So if it’s for tea for you and your other half, buy 2 fish.

Portion size: 2 x 130g


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“a person (fish) ideally suited to another (food) as a close friend or romantic partner (it goes well on a dish together).”

Despite it’s name, Lemon sole isn’t actually a sole, it’s a flounder, and it doesn’t taste of lemons. So whoever called it a lemon sole in the first place has a lot to answer for. Imagine calling a chocolate bar a chocolate bar, and it wasn’t a chocolate bar at all, it was a pickled onion.

Rant over.

Lemon sole is, though, a beautiful tasting flatfish, not really related to the Dover sole (they’ve got different Latin family names). Prominent¬† in European waters, they have a lovely texture and mild taste, meaning they’re well suited just with simple ingredients so as not to overpower it.

Here’s an easy, peasy, lemon (sorry), squeezy recipe from Jamie for you to try:

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Filleted and Boneless, Whole – On The Bone


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