King Prawn a Healthy Source of Omega 3 Oil

King Prawn is as versatile and easy to source shellfish which has become increasingly popular over the last few decades. From including in a curry to throwing another shrimp on the ‘barbie’ the humble king prawn is used in loads of recipes, but how good are they for you? Is there a particular health benefit that can be derived from eating them on a regular basis. Well to answer that we need to look at the nutritional value of these popular shellfish.

King Prawn are a source of unsaturated fat, because it is what most of its fat content is. The benefits of unsaturated fats are mentioned a lot in adverts raw king prawnsand popular health programmes, but not to regurgitate the same info briefly put unsaturated fats improve the levels of cholesterol in the blood, plus go a long way into reducing the risks of heart disease. The type of fat in prawn is polyunsaturated fats which is omega-3 oil. This has been widely documented to bring positive results to the body as the human body cannot produce its own. Omega-3 oils helps with protecting against heart disease, because it actively reduces LDL cholesterol, blood pressure and blood triglyceride levels.

As well as the above mentioned benefits from eating king prawn, there are a help in reducing inflammation which helps with conditions such as arthritis, plus omega-3 helps protect against cancer and is essential to good cognitive function. Now as well as being beneficial to y0ur health  they are also a tasty option when considering meals for the family. It is such a versatile seafood as mentioned earlier that there seem to be an endless amount of recipes available both online and in most cooking books. To order the juiciest king prawns online from AO Seafood click here to see our range.

Healthy King Prawn Recipe

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