John Dory

The name makes it sound like a British novelist. The look makes it appear from a Star Trek film. John Dory is one strange looking fish, but it’s deliciously sweet flavour and texture makes this stand out for all the right reasons too.

They’re spiky little things and extremely fiddly to fillet so let us do that for you. The fish we buy are between 1-1.5kg so our portion sizes are just right at 200g.

Minimum order: 2 portions


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Who is John Dory?

I always wondered about the name John Dory. So I did some research (ok, I checked Wikipedia) and there are a few different explanations. What do you think?

1) a variation of the French word ‘dorée’ or ‘gilded’.

2) an allusion to a child’s song called John Dory.

3) another French variation, this time on the word ‘jaune’, French for ‘yellow’.

4) the fish is also known as St Pierre’s fish, an allusion to the apostle Peter who apparently brought Jesus the fish at his request; the dark spots on the skin are said to be the fingerprints of Peter himself!

Whatever you want to believe, one thing is definitely for sure, this is one tasty fish, albeit a pain to fillet, which is why we will do it for you!

Here’s a nice, simple recipe, keeping the flavours simple and delicate to let the fish be the centrepiece:




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