Variety is the spice of life. If you’re a cod fan, have eaten your fair share of it in your life and want to give something different a go, then halibut is for you. A meatier version of said fish, it’s for good reason it’s referred to as a steak…not a ‘portion’ or a ‘loin’ or a ‘fillet’ like all the other more delicate little fish we sell! Portion (sorry, steak!) size: 200g




Snozzcumbers were the food of choice for the Big, Friendly Giant. That was because he ‘never ate human beans’.

Now, whilst underwater snozzcumbers don’t exist, there is an underwater giant, of the flatfish variety, that, well…is eaten by ‘human beans’. What is it?


You see, halibut can grow, if not caught first, exponentially bigger than other flatfish, such as brill or turbot. One catch by an angler in Norway, in 2008, weighed in at 31st and was over 8 feet long!

But, despite its size, it’s quite a mild tasting fish, with big, chunky white flakes. It’s firmness, though, means it’s quite versatile to cook, and you needn’t worry about it falling to pieces when you stick it in the pan.

Here’s Gordon with a recipe that’s simple to follow but looks absolutely divine:

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