Hake Loin

Warning! ^^ Hold This Way Up ^^ ! Fragile!

This is a really lovely fish, more delicate than cod, so handle it with care as it can be damaged if not. It’s so delicate that we don’t skin it, so it arrives with skin on, perfect for a bake, or for pan-frying.

Our hake loin portions come off a 4kg+ fish – nice and chunky!

Portion size: 200g


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How’d You Like Your Tea?

As it comes? My preference is in a mug, milk, no sugar because I just can’t be trusted with a delicate tea cup. In fish terms, I’d be a cod. If you prefer it in the China cup, you’re a hake. Why? Well, it’s delicate. A little bit fragile, shall we say. You can’t just chuck it in a pan or in the oven. No, hake needs a little bit of TLC. In fact, it’s so delicate, industry standard is to leave the skin on, for fear of it breaking apart otherwise.

Taste wise, it’s similar to cod, as you’d expect with it being part of the cod and haddock family, but it’s a little milder, with slightly sweet, delicate meat. It’s increasing in popularity, appearing on a lot of specials menus at restaurants up and down the country.

As with most white fish, simple ingredients are best with this – lemon, butter, salt and pepper. Let the fish be the star of the show! Here’s a recipe from an Irish chef, Neven Maguire, doing just that.

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