Haddock Fillet

Rightly or wrongly, when people think of haddock, they think of fish and chips. That’s fine; fish and chips, after all, is a fantastic British success story. Or, they think of smoked haddock (which we sell), which goes with pretty much anything and is a stunning piece of fish.

But have you ever tried haddock in it’s own right? It’s a beautiful tasting fish, sourced from Scotland, with simple ingredients such as lemon, petits pois and crushed potatoes.

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Jellyfish, Troglodyte, Ectoplasm!

Some of you may recognise those terms of… shall we say, non-endearment, from the famous Tintin comics. Captain Haddock, renowned for having a short fuse, used a full range of such terms throughout the series.

What’s that got to do with fish?

Well, not a lot, to be honest, but I had to fill the space. Hey, at least I’m honest!

Still the most popular fish for fish and chips, haddock are a fish of considerable commercial value and are 1 of the ‘Big 5’ species of fish eaten here in the UK. The others are cod, tuna, salmon and prawns.

They can also be enjoyed when not being coated in batter – as a white fish, they are quite versatile and can be cooked and enjoyed with simple ingredients.

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