Gilt-head Bream

Gilt-head or not gilt-head, that is the question. We, the jury, find the bream…GILT-HEAD as charged. Sentence: to be filleted and served with tomato and herb salsa by Gordon Ramsay. Recipe below. Relatively similar, and a tasty alternative, to sea bass, our gilt-head bream comes from the Mediterranean waters of Greece. Our fillets generally weigh in between 90-110g, so probably best serving 2 fillets to a portion. Minimum order: 2 portions  


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Sea Bream Swims In The Sea

Who are we to disagree? That’s one of our favourite Eurythmics hits. What do you mean that’s not the words?! *Googles lyrics*… Ok, fair enough, maybe it was just what my mum used to sing to me when I was a kid to get me to eat my fish, a bit like the choo choo train with my mouth as a tunnel; or was that just me? I hope you’re not now singing those lyrics in your head!

Our gilt-head sea bream, is similar in look and size to sea bass. Indeed, at first glance, you could be forgiven for mistaking the two. To tell the difference between them is a fine art and takes years of practice. It doesn’t really. But they are similar.

The main difference between bream and bass is the shape of the fish itself. Think of bream almost as a 2d miniature rugby ball. It’s more of a squished oval shape, as opposed to the bass which is, well, just long and more…aerodynamic?… in shape. Well I never thought I would be using that word to describe a sea bass! A rugby ball and a car, basically. Just think of those things and whatever looks most like it, you’re on the right lines.

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