Frozen Cockles 1lb Bag

Frozen Cockles 1lb bag. Cockle meat ready to eat or cook with.

The Cockles we supply are harvested from the coasts off the south of England & also the Northwest. We look to buy only the best quality & freshest cockles. These are then cleaned and frozen ready for delivery to you.



1lb bag of frozen cockles.

Cockles are small, edible bivalves. Traditionally sold with winkles and whelks, cockles have been a popular British seaside snack for many years. They were also sold outside London pubs by vendors who, in the absence of scales, used a pint glass as a measure. They’ve been sold by the pint ever since.


Cockles can be used in seafood pies or tossed into salads. They can be eaten raw or steamed until their shells open, like mussels. Use them in soups, risotto and paella or stew them in a tomato sauce and serve with pasta.

There are some lovely recipes on the BBC Food website

Defrost these cockles and marinate them in your favourite vinegar!

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