Fish Pie Mix

It might surprise you to know that here at AO Seafoods, we love fish. Some of us also enjoy pies – probably too much.

So when you put the two together… well, let’s just leave that there.

Now we’re not saying that our fish pie mix is officially the best around because we live in a world of libels, lawsuits and claims. So we have great pride in revealing to you, our customers, that our fish pie mix, which consists of prime fillet is (unofficially) the BEST fish pie mix ever. So said me because I have tried it. In a pie. With added king prawns. And sauce. And peas slash carrots (optional). Trust me, you’ll love it.

Quantity below is kilograms, and 1kg will feed 4, generously.

Minimum order: 1kg.



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Comfort Food Extraordinaire

There’s just something about comfort food, isn’t there? The list is endless, with fish pie a dead cert for many people.

When you blend prime fillet of the best Scottish salmon, hake and haddock, you’re on to a winner. You see, some pie mix you pick up can contain belly fat, trim or other parts of the fish that would otherwise be discarded. It’s still fish, of course, and as part of a pie, it’s fish pie but it’s a poor substitute; cotton, not silk.

If you’re looking for a bit of a different recipe, then give this one a whirl:

Some mixes contain smoked fish; we think it could be an acquired taste for some, so we don’t include it in ours. However, it is available here, should you wish to add it to yours.




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