What are the health benefits of eating Dover Sole

We have eaten fish for thousands of years because of all the many health benefits it offers and the near infinite amount of recipes that can be prepared. Fish contains full of important nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids that is hugely beneficial to our health. It also contains a fair amount of protein and vitamin D that are also essential to our daily lives. The best news, however, is that nearly all fish is good for you regardless how you prepare it.

Full of Nutrients

These health benefits are numerous and touching upon them all would be too large a task for one article, though, some are far too important not to mention. For starters, fish contains nutrients that aid growth and development in different ways. For children this means fish can help them develop and grow up fit and active, the minerals in fish also help young peoples minds develop helping them in education and in all other areas of life.


Dover Sole

Dover sole has been a British and French favourite for centuries, the fish itself is used in many different recipes some of them world famous such as Poached Sole Bonne Femme, Sole Veronique and Sole a la Meunière. These recipes, however, are not the main thing Dover sole is known for, that goes to its reputation for being so incredibly good for you.

Good Source of Vitamin D

As mentioned above sole contains a large amount of vitamin D, this is essential for bone growth, especially in children which development is key. It also regulates blood pressure and keeps our immune system functioning correctly. People who don’t eat enough vitamin D are much more likely to develop high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and cancer, among others. Eating high amounts of fish like sole is an excellent way to boost our health and make sure our diets varied.

Full of Protein

Dover sole also contains the vitamin B-12, something else that helps regulate the immune system. Vitamin B-12 also helps the body break down carbohydrates and fat meaning, this plus its high protein content makes it the perfect food for bodybuilders looking for a food as a substitute for other meat like beef and chicken. Where fish does not contain the same amount of protein as these meats, it’s nutrients more than make up for this helping keep a high protein diet varied and healthy. Too much red meat and poultry itself can actually be bad for us. Adding a fish like fresh Dover sole into the mix will help keep things balanced. Fish like Dover sole is high in calcium and phosphorus. Phosphorus contains various enzymes and hormones that help with blood circulation as well as allowing haemoglobin to set in effectively if needed.

Omega 3

The omega-3 in the sole is also important for the development of our brains and our eyesight meaning those who eat plenty of it are less likely to develop certain forms of dementia or loss of sight in later life. As many of us are living longer lives, cognitive deterioration is sadly becoming more common and affecting more families than ever before. Medical research has shown that eating fish like sole that is high in omega-3 helps to slow this decline and can allow us more precious moments with our loved ones by staving off such illnesses. This isn’t the only way that eating fish can help our brains.

Good for Mental Wellbeing

It is also medically proven that eating fish, particularly lean fatty fish like sole, can also help treat clinical depression and other similar mental illnesses. It can even cause help with those who suffer from mild anxiety and low mood. The statistics that show the number of people in the UK being treated for depression are staggering, and the number is increasing. As our lives become more hectic one worry is that stress-reducing drugs may start to lose their potency. This means it’s more important than ever that our diets are correct and that we are actively eating food that reduces the risks of developing these disorders. Even sleeping disorders like insomnia can be improved by consuming more fish. Eating Dover sole is one strategy to help keep our brains healthy. Omega-3 literally is brain food and is one of the best things any of us can have to keep and brains and bodies in good shape.

Easy to Buy

Dover sole is one of the best foods a person can have in their diet and should be eaten at least twice a week ideally for all the benefits it provides our bodies and minds. Not only is it easy to prepare but also Dover sole is affordable and easy to obtain. Nearly every supermarket in the UK has a well-stocked fish counter where an entire weeks worth of meals can be bought. Ultimately the biggest benefit to eating sole is its delicious taste! It’s one of the most popular and widely consumed fish foods in the world, and it doesn’t look like this is about to change.

Fished in UK Waters

Not only this but the UK has such an important history with Dover sole supporting the industry to make sure we can effectively farm and source sole is more important than ever. Maintaining and working fisheries is a costly affair, and it’s done to make sure the supply is kept up to match the demand. As eating health food or food that is high in protein is popular at the moment, Dover sole should indeed be one of the UK sourced fish we buy when considering what fish to put on our tables during our weekly shop.


Next time you are considering what to meals to plan for the week look at some of the various recipes for Dover sole and experiment with a few of them. Not only will you be providing your family with innumerable health benefits but also there is literally no cons to eating fish like sole, only pros. Fish is something that we should aim to eat at least twice a week as part of a balanced diet. It’s also quite possibly the best-tasting fish that money can buy.