Dover Sole

Fresh Dover Sole Fillets or Whole Fish


Sold as:

  • 1  x Whole Fish (gutted and cleaned) approx 600g-700g before preparation.
  • 2 x 150 gram fillets (these are approximate weights)


Landed:  Cornwall

Our  fresh fish is caught wild off the Cornish coast. With brownish skin along with a longer and narrower formed body than other flatties, Dover Sole includes a crisp whitened flesh, firm to the touch, by having an almost sweet taste. They vary in dimensions from 340g to at least one 3kg.
It is also a perfect seafood, as it’s frequently too firm to prepare soon after being caught, and it is best after a couple of days (at about the time you obtain it) once the texture and flavour is enhanced. A single fish will give you two 150g portion-size fillets.





Our Fresh Dover Sole is caught wild in the cold north Atlantic waters or the North Sea and landed in UK ports where by which we purchase to order only the best quality fish. If you have never eaten this very tasty fish, having a delicate flavour with a fairly firm flesh, similar in texture to many flat fish. The quality of fish does vary, and it is very important to be buying only the best quality if you are wanting to get the most out of it. This is why for over 25 years restaurants and hotels throughout the UK have entrusted us to supply then every week with their fresh fish and seafood.

If you are wishing to freeze your fish once it arrives with you, then with the Dover sole that is completely fine, and it will not suffer in quality once thawed out for cooking. If you are wondering how to cook Dover Sole then there are a plethora of recipes on the web and hundreds of video‘s to view.

When is Dover Sole in Season?

The seasonality of this species of flatty ranges from high stocks from January through to June, and medium stocks in autumn.  The other months the fish is less likely to be caught as much and can sometimes be hard to get. The fish is sometimes called the common sole or even the black sole due to its dark skin. They live mainly upon the sandy or muddy sea bed and has a slimy skin. This is why it is best to buy Dover Sole filleted with the skin and bones removed. However, if you are looking to prepare your fish yourself, we have included a how to video below.

How to Prepare a Dover Sole for Cooking.

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