Dover Sole

All hail, the king of the sea!

What?! £18 a portion?! Okay, okayyyy, so they are a bit pricey.  But if it’s a special occasion, perhaps an anniversary, or a celebration, or you’ve just thought ‘you know what, I’m trying some and there ain’t no-one to stop me’ (you go!), then you’re in the right place.

They’re pricey for a reason – because they’re so darn good (also a bane to catch and there aren’t tons about, but that’s by the by).

The Dovers we buy are 5-600g before preparation so 1 fish is 1 portion. Some prefer to cook it ‘on the bone’ so to speak. If that’s your preference, just let us know your requirements below.



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All hail, king of the sea, the Dover sole! Akin to turbot, spotty skinned, with two eyes nestled close together on one side of the head, it won’t trouble the judges in an underwater beauty pageant. When it comes to taste, though, Dover sole is without doubt the royalty of restaurant fish dishes.

What is it that gives Dover sole it’s regal status amongst foodies and chefs the world over?

These fish are found in European waters, weighing anywhere from 300g to 1.3kg. It’s elegant, lightly sweet flavour and the resilience of it’s tender white flesh when cooked makes it stand out.

And you needn’t feel you need to be a cook of Michelin standard to enjoy the unique flavours of Dover sole. To maximise enjoyment, allow it to stand out as the star of the show.

You’ll more than likely have heard of sole meunière. If you haven’t, it’s a simple recipe and easy to follow. Simply coat the fish in flour, then lemon, butter and parsley for a sauce. Here’s a video on to prepare it!


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