Our succulent crevettes (or whole, cooked prawns, in case you were wondering) are delivered ready to eat. Try them with a pinch of lemon juice, salt and pepper on their own, or as part of a seafood platter.

Boxes are 2kg in size and contains 20/30 per kg.

Don’t refreeze, whatever you do.


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Tomayto Tomato Crevette-o Cooked Prawn-o

“And how would you like your prawns, sir? We have quite the range, you can buy crevettes, baby prawns, king prawns…”

“Well what are my options?”


“Ok so we have whole, headless with shell on, peeled and deveined, king prawns, salad prawns, prawns in batter, prawns in pastry, langoustines and crayfish tails now pass me the oxygen…”

Confused? Don’t be. Crevettes, in this country, are whole, cooked then frozen king prawns. They are as diverse a shrimp product as you can find, suitable for eating right away (obviously after defrosting unless you enjoy trips to the dentist) or on the barby, with lemon and garlic or just a pinch of seasoning. They look fantastic on a plate, adding a bit of theatre to any seafood dish.

If you’re an avid fan of prawns, as I am, then you sure will enjoy having a wander around this very interesting site.

If you would like to buy crevettes, then of course, you’re in the right place just here.

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