Crayfish Tails

Never tried crayfish tails before? Think mini lobsters. Sweet and meaty, spongily absorbent of any delicious flavours you want to cook them in. We think they’re fantastic in linguine.

Our crayfish tails in brine come in 900g (net weight after draining) tubs. Depending on how many per portion is purely down to personal preference, we can’t tell you that!





Crayfish – What’s the Difference?

The main difference between crayfish tails, also known as crawfish tails (depending on your accent) or crawdad tails (I don’t know why) and prawns is the water they inhabit. Crayfish prefer freshwater, prawns prefer the only other alternative, no prizes for guessing, saltwater.

They also have a larger physique than prawns – think heavyweight to middleweight, if you’re a boxing fan.

Crayfish are also more closely related to lobsters than prawns but seeing as the meat is a similar size I thought this would be a better comparison. Prawns are more closely related to shrimps.

Crayfish Tails – the Taste Test

Anyway, enough about this. The most important question is this: what do they taste like (in comparison to prawns I just can’t help it?)

The answer to this question is very good. Crayfish are like mini lobsters, in texture and taste. Think of a dish where mini lobsters would be ideal and you’ve got a dish to suit crayfish tails.

Here’s an example – a beautiful crayfish tails and wild mushroom linguine.¬†Earth meets water.

Why buy crayfish tails? Well, they’re one of those products that are probably on your seafood bucket list. You may never have tried them, never have seen them to buy or even never had a superb online fishmonger to buy them from. Well, you can now!


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