Frozen Lobster (Cooked)

There is no doubt about it. Lobster is a showstopper. There’s just something about it that is captivating. A whole beautiful, reddish pink lobster on a plate screams grandeur. It’s a delicacy, and is well worth the outlay.

Not suitable for refreezing.

Portion size: Serves 1 large portion.



Saturday Night Telly

I used to love Family Fortunes as a kid; Les Dennis hosting, playing along whilst the nation’s families gave some of the strangest answers I’ve ever heard. One that springs to mind: Name something you put in a jacket potato. After beans, cheese and butter had been guessed correctly, the last guy went with ‘jam’. Haha. A jam-filled jacket spud (check it out for yourself). What’s that got to do with our cooked lobster?

Well, not that it would go with a jacket potato. But, if I asked you to name a luxurious seafood, there would be no ‘jam’ about it. Top answer, for sure, maybe behind caviar.

It just looks fantastic on a plate. Surf ‘n’ turf. Lobster, mac ‘n’ cheese. ‘N’ overkill but you get the picture.

We do supply live lobster as well as fresh cooked lobster if frozen isn’t for you.

Once you’ve got it, you’ll need to know how to get the meat out. Here’s a video to help you:

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