Coley Fillet

We think this is a superb alternative to your usual white fish selection of cod, haddock and hake. And it’s not just us that says so. We’re finding that a lot of chefs we supply to are using this now too. It’s cheaper, cooks beautifully and, due to healthy stock levels, is sustainable. So you’re doing your bit in buying it!

Portions sizes are 200g.

Minimum order: 2 portions





We love a good football analogy and this is no different. According to one definition, the term ‘supersub’ refers to attacking players who come off the bench to score important goals. Now, whilst our coley, nor any of our fish for that matter, have legs, never mind play football, we’re sure you get the point.

Coley is our most widely purchased alternative to cod and haddock. The ‘supersub’ of the white fish world, so to speak. Why? Mainly it’s the price. It’s cheaper than the two fish already mentioned.

But that’s not to say the quality isn’t there, because it is. When cooked (pan fried, grilled, steamed, boiled, roasted – it’s versatile!), the flesh turns brilliantly white, and, with a good depth of flavour, it makes a superb, cheap white fish alternative.

It’s really important to ensure it’s as fresh as possible when buying, and that’s something you can be assured of when buying from AO Seafoods.



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