Cod Loin

Rightly or wrongly, when people think of cod they think of fish and chips. That’s fine; fish and chips, after all, is a fantastic British success story. But have you ever had a nice, chunky cod loin with a sweet potato and chorizo stew? What about a nice tray bake, or simply roasting it with a bit of lemon juice and crushed potatoes? We take our cod loins from a Scottish 4kg+ sized fish, so whatever you decide to do with this firm favourite of ours, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the sheer quality on offer here. 

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A One Trick…erm…Seahorse?

Usually when we picture cod, we think of it in crispy golden batter with a portion of chunky ‘chippy’ chips, as we called them, growing up. The addition of mushy peas, though, is probably dependant on your geographical location (and gravy, it’s something that’s divided these fine British Isles since time began). Some prefer haddock, which we sell. Some prefer hake. Which we also sell. Plaice, I hear you ask? Only for the refined chip shops across the country, you scoff. Weeeell, we sell that too, if you want to give it a go!

But in it’s own right, cod is becoming increasingly popular in restaurants across the country. It’s meatiness means it’s versatile – we’ve had it with tomato ragu, with lemon and herbs, and as part of a stew, for example. It’s a sturdy fish as well, which means that it doesn’t fall apart if you’re pan-frying it – ideal if you’re just starting to expand your repertoire of culinary skills by cooking fresh fish.

Our fillets are taken from beautiful Scottish 4kg+ sized fish, which means nice chunky portions. And who doesn’t like nice chunky portions?

Ok then.

Here’s a nice cod recipe from Jamie Oliver, if you don’t fancy the in-house marketing/sales/website/cooking hobbyist’s suggestions:

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