When the clams are cooked with white wine and garlic in a spaghetti vongole, that’s cl-amore. Sang Dean Martin. Ok he never sang that, but we think that was probably a line excluded from the original. Our fresh palourdes clams are simply sensational in said dish, and simple to cook.

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  1. To be unhealthily obsessed with a group of bivalve molluscs which encompasses cockles and all clams including razor, hard, Venus, Manila and palourdes.

Ok ok, so that’s not what it means, but there should be a word for it. Let’s start a petition.


It’s not a coincidence that two words, ‘clam’ and ‘amour’ (French for love) can be made from the same word.

Because what’s not to love?

Clams are abundant along Britain’s coastline. They’re cheap and quick to cook. You can cook them in a variety of different ways, steam or boil, for example. They are versatile as an accompaniment to many dishes, such as pasta dishes, soups and chowders.

The most common way of cooking them is to steam them in whatever liquid you so choose – water, wine, cider, even fish stock.

It’s also possible to cook fresh clams by immersing them straight in hot liquid, a jus or sauce. If you’re making spaghetti vongole, for example, then you can just add them to the sauce for a couple of minutes at the end. The heat from the pan and sauce will cook the meat and pop the shells for you!

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