Brown Crab

Don’t feel the pinch when it comes to the price of our crab! With an approximate weight of 500g and a price of £7.95/kg, then if we do the basic math, you’re paying less than… one moment please… ah yes, £4.00 (£3.98 to be precise, every little counts) for a beautiful, fresh, cooked brown crab.

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Crab Your Attention

British waters are the best place to source brown crab, so that’s exactly where we source ours. We deliver them fresh to your door, ready to pull out the delicious meat from within! whole in minimum orders of approximately 1 kg. Interestingly, white and brown meat both come from it; white meat from it’s fleshy claws and brown meat from the body.

The title of the largest crab species in British waters belongs to this variety.  With some weighing up to 9 lbs and two, big and powerful claws, a painful nip is a guarantee if not handled correctly, so spare a thought for the fishermen that catch them!

Cr-abitat and Diet

Found all over the British Isles, sufficient rock or algae cover is their main habitat so hiding underneath rocks and emerging to forage for food is their MO! Their diet consists of anything they can get their claws on. Food can consist of dead marine life and mussels. In addition, they can also overpower smaller crabs for dinner! Occasionally found at depths of 100 metres, they can, incredibly, live as long as 40 years in the wild.

Fishing Methods

UK crab fisheries are among the largest in Europe with France and Spain the main importers of UK produce.

Fishermen lower baited pots into the sea to catch them, which is one of the most selective methods of commercial fishing. Another benefit of fishing in this way is it allows undersize and pregnant females to be returned.


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