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Sold as: 1Kg of fish before prep, (3 portions). One fish is approx. 1 portion (a portion is roughly 333g before preparation).

Landed:  Cornwall

Your Fresh Wild Caught Brill is landed in Cornwall and caught off the Cornish Coast.
Brill is comparable to Turbot, yet remains a really under-ranked seafood, despite being generally less costly. Just like Turbot, its skin colour changes based on where it’s caught – lighter skin is available on sandy seabed, with more dark, more potent colours available on muddier beds.



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The Brill flatfish is one of the larger flatties caught off the coastal waters of the UK, such as off the south and west of England & Wales, the North Sea, Skagerrak & Kattegat. It has a speckled brown skin with a creamy white underbelly. The Brill is similar in taste to the Turbot, but it has slightly sweeter taste with smaller flakes. It is usually sold as fillets or as steaks, but that does depend on the size of the fish that has been caught. Its usual food is shrimps, small prawns, worms, crustaceans, plus smaller fish on occasion.

Since they are flat fish they prefer sandy banks and sea beds, but mature Brill rarely come in to the shallower waters, doing so only to spawn. This fish is usually caught by fishing boats that are further out to sea, and are caught using a few different methods. Trawling is the usual method, but some fishermen use seine nets or gill nets. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature or the IUCN for short view this species as of least concern due mainly to it sustaining good stock levels, and therefore is a good fish to purchase regularly. It is often caught as bye catch for boats fishing for Sole & Plaice.

A fully grown fish can weigh in at as much as 18lb, with a length of around 2 & ½ ft. However, the usual size caught is somewhat smaller & at AO Seafood online, you can buy yours Fresh either Whole , or prepared as boneless fillets. If you are looking to do your own filleting of this fish, then take a look at the video below to see how it is done.

Filleting a Brill

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